Welfare Vehicle Conversion


Welfare Vehicle Conversion



This particular unit that we have featured here was built for a customer who approached us with a very specific requirement as to how they required the finished unit to operate and appear.

The proposed design was to construct a mobile office with some accommodation space and basic welface facilities. The vehicle was required to be "all weather proof" as it was to be used all over the UK, but primarily in Scotland. As with all our Van Conversions the standard is second to none with regard to durability, build quality and usability. This Vehicle Conversion was built to be completely self sufficient and features water and waste containers onboard as well as a spare fuel tank to supply the diesel cooker and heating system that was installed. In addition to this, the unit also features Solar roof panels for the electricity supply and therefore there would be no requirement to connect to a mains feed.


Key features of this particular Conversion included:

Specially manufacutered composite panels to provide all the benefits of the standard GRP panels we use but with an additional element to ensure that the vehicle was suitably insulated as per our customers specification and requirement.

Fit-out and conversion of supplied chassis to include:

* Fully operational welfare facilities to include shower cubicle           
* Hot + cold running water system           
* Kitchenette area came with stainless steel sink and fitted with a mixer tap, diesel cooker and fridge. This area is seperated by a dividing wall and entrance door.           
* Additional internal cosmetic features included a fold away table/desk and sleep area, wardrobe and shelving where also installed           
* Water and waste containers installed on board under the chassis with access for filling and draining as required           
* First aid kit and fire extinguisher included           
* Specialist ceiling mounted LED strip lights           
* Solar Panels have been installed to the roof to provide a self sufficent accommodation which includes 12 volt, 24 volt and 230v household supply           
* Full reversing system installed with both high and low sensors           
* This customer also had an awning with privacy room as an additional item, that was fixed to the passenger side of the vehicle.