Our Vehicle Range

Convert your vehicle into a eye catching and unique business. Each conversion is tailored to your requirements.


GT Supa -Trucks, Location Catering, GT Supa-Vans, Van Conversions, Speciality Vehicles or Meals on Wheels - 4Sure have the skill to meet your requirements.

GT Supa-Truck

The GT Supa-Truck is our professional specification high output vehicle conversion, typically mounted on vehicles above 7.5t chassis. Boasting 35mm High gloss fibreglass panels provides you with the ultimate strength rear body and still remains very light enabling you to carry much more essential items such as stock. These are perfect for Location Caterers.
These Trucks are in a class of their own and really will set you apart from the competition.


GT Supa-Van

The GT Supa-Van is our professional specification high output vehicle conversion, typically mounted on a 3.5 to 5.5t chassis. Also boasting 35mm High gloss fiberglass panels, you get the ultimate strength rear body designed even for the toughest demands and still remains very light and efficient compared to other construction materials. These GT Supa-Vans units will set you apart from the competition and also provide the added benefit of increased manouverability and space utilisation.


Van Conversion

Our Van Conversions are second to none with regard to durability, build quality and usability. We can source the vehicle for you or fit out your existing vehicle to bring it up to the high standard we work by.

The Van Conversion can be fitted with gas, electric points and/or onboard generator, catering equipment, cupboard space, speciality installs or almost anything you can think of.


Welfare Conversions

These units are built into the perfect space for your particular requirement, whether it be mobile office space, or mobile home, if you have to move for work why not travel with your own accommodation and work space. The unit that we have featured on the website was built for a customer who approached us with a very specific requirement as to how they wanted the finish unit to operate and appear.

Welfare Vehicle Conversion

We undertook this particular project which was to be used as an office space with sleeping, wash room and cooking facilities onboard. These vehicles can be built to the specification you require as was the one we have shown in the gallery.



Speciality Vehicle Conversions

If you have an idea, we will help you turn it into reality. Our speciality vehicles can turn the most unusual vehicles into professional quality catering or event vehicles.

Speciality Vehicle Conversions

We have undertaken several Speciality Vehicle Conversions and will use this area to display some of our most prominent designs with an array of technical details and fantastic images.



Refrigerated Vans

4Sure Trailers are happy to provide our customers with the requirements they need with a refrigerated van

Refrigerated Vans

The team at 4Sure Trailers are able to help you convert your van into a mobile refrigeration unit, this will allow you to travel distances with fresh food for your customers.


Meals on Wheels

4Sure Trailers have developed our very own system to integrate cooking appliances into the controls of the van, enabling cooking on the move.

Meals on Wheels

The team at 4Sure Trailers have developed a microwave system to be used whilst mobile that can easily cook 50 fresh meals and 50 deserts whilst maintaining their nutritional content, appearance and flavour.

The microwaves are operated from the drivers seat with the push of a button; keeping stationary periods where the user has to wait for the food to be cooked to an absolute minimum.