Meals on Wheels


Meals on Wheels Catering Van


The ability to deliver fresh meals quickly + efficiently whilst maintaining their nutritional content, appearance and flavour.

The team at 4Sure Trailers have developed a user friendly microwave system to be used whilst mobile that can easily cook 50 fresh meals and 50 deserts without the worry of the system failing.

We can also supply bespoke insulated cold storage boxes for the fresh meals. Either to be filled with ice packs or with full refrigerated systems on board to store the meals on the van 24/7.

Our unique electrical system powering the microwaves has our 2-year warranty and the simplicity of the system ensures the driver has minimum intervention of cooking the meals, therefore full concentration goes into safe driving.

Let the team at 4Sure do the hard work for you and put together the complete package. From supplying the van, installing the equipment to sign-writing and putting you in touch with well known food suppliers.

The vans can be purchased outright, financed through our agent or alternatively we'll convert vans you already own, the choice is yours.

Key Benefits:

* Clean and hygienic cooking area for the microwaves.
* Bespoke insulated cold storage boxes available.
* Refrigerated storage boxes for 24/7 meal storage.
* No dangerous gases or chemicals on board
* Designed to be easily removable.
* Minimum running costs of the system.
* New vans come backed by their manufacturers warranty.