Kiosk and Containers

These strong and durable fixed units are perfect for people that trade from one place for long peroids of time.


Our Kiosk Range


Bespoke Containers

The Bespoke Container can be a much stronger and robust version of the kiosk and is tailored to suit your needs. We can design the container so a Hi-Ab lorry can utilise lifting points on the container to raise and lower the unit from the lorry to the place of trading without damaging the appearance of the container. This can be designed to suit any Semi Permanent pitch.


Demountable Kiosks

A kiosk is perfect for a user who wishes to trade from one place of work that may only have to be moved occasionally. The benefit of buying a 4 Sure Kiosk means you can take advantage of the quality, durability and value for money of our trailer ranges, but with gaining the appearance of a permanent structure and without the unnecessary cost of axles and coupling.